Social distancing, isolation is not part of road to recovery from addiction

Americans have experienced a crash course on the dangerous and frightening nature of a pandemic. But what of the thousands of Americans who have been fighting another epidemic for years, one even deadlier than COVID-19? And what happens when these two epidemics – opioid addiction and coronavirus – collide? For most people, the current situation is challenging at best. But for those in recovery, this is a perfect storm of worst-case-scenarios. The suggested responses to opioid addiction and coro

Kirk: Strength materializes in darkest of times

My plane was shot down on Oct. 28, 1967. I had been chosen to lead the largest bombing raid of the Vietnam War, and as I led my squadron of fighters into a strategic dive, the anti-air fire around Hanoi lit the sky with fire and shrapnel. The 30 miles around Hanoi was the heaviest air-defended space in military history at that point, and as the lead pilot, my engine was one of the first to be shot through at near 10,000 feet. Despite my training, despite my years of experience, panic and fear

Reserves Estates at Eastmark opens with virtual tours

During these unprecedented times, Shea Homes is working diligently to provide an alternative to in-person home tours in order to meet the needs of community members searching for their new home. Shea Homes is offering prospective residents unique solutions to explore new homes and proceed with their home buying plans while adhering to social distancing guidelines and all other state and federal recommendations. Virtual tours are now available for the four model homes in Shea Homes Arizona’s new

Dentists’ Most Common Personality Types and Communication Styles

[Author's Note: This article became one of the top ten most read articles on 2018 for this outlet, despite publishing in Q4] When much of your customer face time is spent with your fingers in their mouths, you may not think communication ranks as one of your most vital skills in your dental repertoire. But in reality, your ability to communicate well has a great impact on how you interact with everyone in your life, whether it’s your customers, your

5 Easy Ways to Turn Your Home Office into a Home Gym

[Author's Note: This blog was picked up by Shea Homes National and included in their nationwide newsletter] With gyms and fitness classes across the globe closed for the foreseeable future, there’s never been a better time to turn your flex room into a functioning fitness studio. Not only is it important to your physical health to stay active, but your mental health is equally impacted, and you can’t afford to ignore either. People who have experienced long-term isolation before reiterate how important a daily routine is, so as you build yours, make sure there’s a place for exercise in it. Odds a

Veterans Heritage Project Hosts Inaugural ‘Saluting Stories of Service’ Event

A nonprofit that brings generations together to document the stories of veterans is having its inaugural fundraising event on March 9, where it will honor two veterans whose stories stand out. Veterans Heritage Project works to connect middle school, high school and college students to veterans in a way that captures the stories and experiences veterans had in the armed services. The students document the stories in video and writing, and the videos are submitted to the Veterans History Project

Romley: How storytelling can empower youth, heal veterans

For public servants, few things can inspire the simultaneous dread and gratitude that comes with receiving an award. We do all that we do out of a calling to serve others, so naturally receiving personal honors feels at odds with our mission. Yet, for the community you serve to express their gratitude, is humbling. This push-and-pull is exactly what I felt when I learned I would be receiving the “Storyteller Award” from one of the Valley organizations that is dearest to me, Veterans Heritage P